DAS28 in Daily Clinical Practice

The results of the DAS28 are not black or white. In general there is a relationship between the DAS28 score and how you feeling about your Rheumatoid Arthritis. However, it is possible that the DAS28 score is low and that you are not feeling well. The other way around is also possible: the DAS28 score might be high, event though you are feeling fine. In these cases, it is important that your rheumatology team examines you and investigates what the reason for this discrepancy is. Sometimes another illness or disease might interfere with the results of the DAS28 score. It is important to inform the members of your rheumatology team about your feelings and potential adverse events of the medication, in which case they can explain and discuss with you the different therapeutic options.

The DAS28 score cannot replace the consultation itself and the results should be discussed between you and one of the members of your rheumatology team. Potential discrepancies and the different treatment options should be discussed.